ECOLOGICAL CITY: Procession for Climate Solutions

An Urban Ecological Pilgrimage & Performance Art Event – Gardens to the Waterfront on the Lower East Side

Role: Choreographer and performer, 2018-19

In the last two years, I was invited by Earth Celebration to present a dance at artist Diana Carulli’s labyrinth at the East River Park as part of the Ecological City procession. In 2018, we presented Not Fog, a piece on air pollution. In 2019, as the city unveiled its plan to bury the park to build the sea wall, we presented Into Silence They Appear, a piece on the melting glaciers and rising sea.

Performed by Chaesong Kim, Rina Espiritu, Larkin Grimm, Banyi Huang, Lemon Guo
Costume design and artistic direction by Jing Li
Composed and directed by Lemon Guo

Performed by Anna Slate, Chuan Xie, Lilly Kaplan, Lemon Guo
Costume Design by Jing Li
Composed and directed by Lemon Guo