EcoSono Institute

A collective of environmentalists, musicians and artists working for environmental sustainability and human creativity in collaboration with nature

Role: participant (2013), featured artist (2017, 2019)

In June 2013, I joined the EcoSono Institute lead by Dr. Matthew Burtner, along with 10 musicians from all over the world. For two weeks, we fully immersed ourselves in the incredible sound world of Alaska, listening to whales underwater, recording glaciers, vocalizing in the woods, sharing ideas with environmental scientists, and making music for the final concert. The program culminated with a full-house concert at Alaska Pacific University’s Grant Hall. It was a beautiful and formative experience for me as a musician and sound artist.
In July 2017, my piece “into silence they appear” was featured in the EcoSono Environmental Music and Sound Art Festival in Anchorage, Alaska. The piece was composed using the underwater recording of orca, collected with our group effort during the 2013 EcoSono trip. The work was published in Computer Music Journal, MIT Press, in spring 2018.
In fall 2019, a video version of “into silence they appear” will be presented at the EcoSono Festival at the University of Virginia, curated by Dr. Matthew Burtner.