Future Host, Studies: A Siphonic Reaction, 2019

Project by Tingying Ma, Kang Kang

Sound design by Lemon Guo and Mengtai Zhang

FUTURE HOST (Noun.) Is An Epithet Commonly Bestowed To Children In Official Socialism, Who Are Posited As The Site, Agent, And Product Of Socialist Futures. Future Host Is Always Already Ready To Create World History With Ecstatic Optimism And Absolute Urgency.

Founded In New York In 2016, Future Host Aims To Threaten And To Be Emancipated From Reality. Their Art Practice Interrogates The History And Genealogy Of Post-Socialist Chinese Bodies In Order To Activate Alternative Possibilities Of Subsistence And Resistance.


Luna, 2019

2-channel video installation by Mengtai Zhang

Multi-channel sound design and score by Lemon Guo

Bringing together personal experiences with found writings, Luna takes on the historical context of Internet addiction in China, portraying a victim of the collusion between Internet Addiction Treatment Center and Internet Café, and speculating on the legitimacy and the power behind the idea of internet addiction.


Black Goat, 2019

A short film by Yi Tang
Post production sound by Lemon Guo
Finalist at Fusion Film Festival

After a late night ghost story, the new girl in the nunnery gets her first menstruation. She keeps it as a secret until she finally bleeds during the pray. She believes that to avoid further bad luck, she has to sacrifice a black goat.


Mother Tongue 母语, 2019

A short film by Eris Qian

Location sound and post production sound by Lemon Guo

Lost in language, Lisa Lin tries to grasp the last piece of her mother’s memory.

Rational Satanism.jpg

Rational Satanism, 2019

A short film by Amiro Mo

Location sound by Lemon Guo

A lonely high schooler joins her classmates’ cult.

Skins, 2018

3-channel video installation with by Mengtai Zhang

Multi-channel sound design and score by Lemon Guo

Skins centers on a series of metaphors and camera language that suggests a person loses the skin. The work is carried out by computer-generated imagery and simulated reality. Audiences will encounter three flattened screens with speakers placed in different place that echo each other. Three screens will present different angels of the story, which the viewer cannot watch simultaneously, while the sound will retain the linear narration and synthesize the fragmented imageries.


Lilies’ Talk, 2014

A feature documentary by Yihua Liu

Original songs by Lemon Guo

The first documentary film about the Chinese lesbian community in China and North America.

Premiered at Madrid International Film Festival, 2017